Yenni Brusco's Portfolio

Producer, Certified Scrum Master, QA Manager

About Me

Hi, I am Yenni
From Armonk, NY; currently in Worcester, MA
Graduated from Champlain College 2012
Earned a BS in Electronic Games and Interactive Development - Game Design
Grand Plan: to be a producer at a small game company
Favorite Genres: RPG and Turn Based Strategy
Current Favorite Titles: Dragon Age and Civilization V
Favorite Childhood Game: Zoombinis
Guilty Pleasure: Tower Defense games
As an Artist: Acrylics and charcoal gesture drawings
As a Programmer: C#, Javascript & AS3
As a Bibiliophile: Reads at least 3 books a month
As a Seamstress/Fashion Designer: Kimonos and costumes


Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasures (Episodes 1 & 2) (HitPoint Studios, Windows 8, QA Associate)
ADERA (Episodes 1-4) (HitPoint Studios, Win 8, QA Associate)
Bejeweled 3 (HitPoint Studios, Win 8, QA Associate)
Plants vs Zombies (HitPoint Studios, iOS, QA Associate)
Seaside Hideaway (HitPoint Studios, Facebook, QA Associate)
Words In Space (HitPoint Studios, iOS, QA Associate)
Guardians of Magic (HitPoint Studios, iOS & PC, QA Associate)
iAMFAM (HitPoint Studios, iOS, Web, & Android, QA Associate)
Cappella (HitPoint Studios, Web, QA Associate)
Industry Islands (Kognito Interactive, Web, Producer Intern)
At Risk (Kognito Interactive, Web, Producer Intern)
The Witcher (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)
ArmA: Armed Assault (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)
ArmA: Combat Operations (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (Atari Inc., PS2, Marketing Intern)
Test Drive Unlimited (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)
You Are Empty (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)
Fantasy Wars (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)
Dawn of Magic (Atari Inc., PC, Marketing Intern)